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Organic B Herbal Charcoal Dental Powder (20gm) with Tongue Cleaner

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Organic B Herbal Charcoal Dental Powder 20 gm

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The Organic Mouthwash contains plant extracts that help cleanse the mouth and provide a fresh feel after use. This bioactive and organic mouthwash promotes healthy oral hygiene naturally.

It is not the replacement for brushing and flossing. It’s also not necessary to use mouthwash in order to keep your mouth clean. This should be used twice per day, after brushing and flossing.


  • It is gentle for even the most sensitive mouths.
  • It has naturally antibacterial properties.
  • It does not contains harsh additives.
  • Organic products are more effective.
  • It is an excellent complement to any oral care routine.
  • It prevents bad gums and bad breathe.