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Diwali Corporate Gifting Trends for 2023

Diwali Corporate Gifting Trends for 2023

The famous festival of Diwali spreads light throughout India. It is a time of happiness, celebration, and gift-giving, where people of all ages exchange joy and presents. In this corporate world, we have the opportunity to share happiness with our customers, employees, and colleagues during the Diwali festival as a token of appreciation and goodwill. In the year 2023, the trend of corporate gifting has evolved, with a creative expression of personal sentiments through chocolates, dry fruits, and cracker-shaped chocolates as gifts. In this context, Organicorion has created a unique platform for corporate gift-giving, making it easy for you to select the perfect corporate gifts for your employees and customers.

Trending Themes in Corporate Gifting

Over the past few decades, corporate gifts for the Diwali festival have been moving from traditional gifts to more innovative and personalized options. Now Indian companies are looking for such gifts for corporate gifting which will not only express their gratitude but also reflect the festive spirit of Diwali. The two major trends in corporate gifting for 2023 are dry fruits and Chocolate has to be included in the form of crackers.

The Sweet Sensation: Chocolate-Based Gifts

Chocolates as gifts have always been a delight, in 2023, they are taking center stage in Diwali corporate gifting. The reason for this trend is simple: chocolate has a universal appeal as a symbol of celebration that can be customized in a variety of ways to suit companies' corporate gifting needs. At OrganicOrion, there is a variety of chocolate based gifts that will delight both your customers and employees.

It gives you the option to choose from natural ingredients based chocolates in beautiful boxes to chocolate hampers with different flavours. You can also personalize the packaging with your company's branding, adding an extra touch of thoughtfulness to your gifts.

Cracking the Trend: Diwali with a Bang

Incorporating chocolates in the shape of cracker into Diwali corporate gifts is an exciting trend. The excitement and celebration of lights combined with the joy of chocolate can create a unique and memorable gifting experience.

The cracker shaped chocolates present in our platform are a perfect embodiment. Both chocolate and crackers capture an essence, making for a fun and symbolic Diwali gift. This chocolate comes in a variety of flavours, ensuring there is something for everyone. Plus, they are beautifully packaged, making them an attractive gift option.

The Timeless Appeal of Dry Fruits

Cracker shaped chocolates are in trend but Dryfruits' collection cannot be ignored. This dry fruit has been a traditional addition to the gifting spectrum for decades. Dry fruits are a classic Diwali gift that brings warmth and good wishes. Our platform has a collection of premium quality dry fruits that you can gift to your family as Diwali gift hampers as well as corporate gifts.

Personalization and Branding

A major aspect of corporate gifting in this cutting-edge era involves personalization and branding. Companies are looking for ways to make their gifts more meaningful and reflective of their brand identity. At organicorion, we understand the importance of personalization, offering you a variety of options to make your gifts unique.

You can choose to print your companies logo or personalized message on the packaging of our chocolate and dry fruit products. This not only adds a personal touch but also strengthens your brand in the minds of your recipients.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our platform provides you with eco-friendly packaging to reduce your environmental impact no matter which product you purchase. We share this commitment to sustainability.

 Our gift boxes are made from eco-friendly materials that not only look great but are also responsible for the environment. When you choose a product, you can be assured that you are making a sustainable choice.

Under 299/- Diwali Gift

For businesses with limited budget, we offer a range of Diwali corporate gifts under Rs 299. This allows you to express gratitude in a way that fits your budget. We are able to provide you many types of Diwali gifts under Rs.299. You can give this eco friendly gift to anyone in your family, friends, parents, siblings etc. These gifts are crafted with care and thoughtfulness, ensuring that your recipients feel valued and appreciated.

I. Chocolatier's Delights:

We offer you a variety of delicious chocolate treats to suit your budget including truffles, chocolate bars and more. Our chocolates are not only budget-friendly, but also a great way to sweeten the festive season.

II. Nutty Pleasures: 

Explore our selection of affordable dry fruits combinations that are not only nutritious but also make a postic Diwali gift. In this range you can choose from an assortment of almonds, cashews, and raisins packed elegantly to delight recipients.

II. Eco-Friendly Gifts:  

We offer eco-friendly gift options for as low as Rs.299, including a reusable tote bag and plantable seed paper card to complement your chosen gift.

Under 599/- Diwali Gift

We are able to provide you Diwali corporate gifts in a budget of Rs 599 which includes dry fruits, cracker shaped chocolates, chocolate collection based on different flavours. In this budget, you can provide a better Diwali gift to your employees, customers, friends etc. and express your appreciation towards your colleagues.

I. Chocolate Extravaganza:

Dive into our premium chocolate assortment, which includes a wide range of flavors and presentations. The beauty of our extraordinary chocolate boxes reflect sophistication and indulgence as gifts.

II. Designer Dry Fruit Hampers: 

We provide you the facility to enhance your Diwali festival with beautifully designed dry fruit hampers. Our dry fruit collection is completely organic and natural packed with innovative nutrients.

III. Personalized Touch:  

Add a personal touch to your gifts with custom branding or messages. We offer customization options to make your Diwali gifts truly unique and reflective of your company's identity.

Under 999/- Diwali Gift

We have many ideal Diwali corporate gift options under Rs 999. These premium options play a better role in expressing gratitude to customers. This Diwali gift is perfect for rewarding high performing employees and expressing deep appreciation.

I. Luxurious Chocolate Collection:

Delight your family, friends and recipients with our luxury chocolate collection. These exquisite chocolates are crafted from the finest ingredients, filling your mouth with an array of flavors that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

II. Grand Dry Fruit Extravaganza:

Every item in our dry fruit collection is organic and natural and covers a wide range. Our packaging will suit you if you place a bulk order. These beautifully presented hampers epitomize the premium quality and thoughtfulness of your gift.

III. Exclusive Corporate Branding:

Make your gifts even better with exclusive branding options. Make gifts even more colorful by taking advantage of our custom packaging schemes.

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