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Foxtail millet: The Healthful Supergrain!

Foxtail Millet - OrganicOrion

What Is Foxtail Millet? 

Organic foxtail millet, sometimes referred to as “Kangni,” is a tasty and nourishing grain that has been consumed for ages in India. It belongs to the grass family and is a common food in Indian families. Organic foxtail millet is a fantastic option for anyone trying to enhance their health because it is high in fibre, protein, and important vitamins and minerals.

It is also high in essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, magnesium, and B vitamins, which are important for overall health and wellbeing.

Top Health Benefits Of Natural Foxtail Millet


1. Improve Digestion

Organic foxtail millet is a great source of dietary fiber, which can help to reduce cholesterol levels and improve digestion. It is also high in protein, which can help to build and maintain muscle mass.


2. Low glycemic Index

Foxtail millet boasts a remarkably low glycemic index, preventing spikes in blood sugar. Ideal for diabetes management and weight maintenance.

Boost Immune

3. Improved Immune System

Organic foxtail millet, rich in B vitamins, boosts immunity and mental performance. Abundant antioxidants protect against diseases, while minerals aid bone health.

Health Heart

4. Heart Health

Foxtail millet is a great source of magnesium, reducing heart disease risk by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, promoting heart health.

5. Help To Weight Loss

Choose organic foxtail millet to boost nutrition. Low-calorie, high-fiber, and protein-rich, it aids weight management and enhances overall health with vital vitamins and minerals.

Use Of Foxtail Millet


1. A versatile grain that can be used in many different recipes is organic foxtail millet. It can be added to salads, made into a porridge, or used in soups and stews. In order to make bread, cakes, and other baked items, it can also be ground into flour. It works well in smoothies and can be used to prepare a number of meals that use millet as their base.

2. Used as a substitute for rice, or ground into flour and used to make breads, pancakes, and other baked goods.




Is Foxtail Millet Gluten free Millet?

Foxtail millet is a type of millet grain. It is also known as Italian millet, German millet, and Hungarian millet. It is a small, round grain that is high in fiber and protein. It is a glutenfree grain and is often used as a substitute for wheat or other grains in baking and cooking.



  Best Time For Consumption

You can eat foxtail millet at any time of day. It is a versatile grain that may be utilised in a wide range of cuisines, including savoury dishes and breakfast cereals. In many dishes, it can also be used in place of rice or other grains.

Top 4 Indian Brands Offering Certified Organic Foxtail Millets

Organic Tattva

1. Organic Tattva Organic Foxtail Millet 500 gm

Organic Foxtail Millet, is high in calories, giving you strength and energy. Foxtail millet is a diabetic food. Unlike rice, it releases glucose steadily without affecting the metabolism of the body
Mittal Organics - Organicorion

2. Mittal Organics Foxtail Millet 500 gm

Organic Foxtail Millet is a diabetic food, Rich fibre, carbohydrates,
Korralu | Thinai Millet Buy finest quality Millets Mittal Organic Farms



3. Induz Organic foxtail Millet 500 gm

Induz Organic Foxtail Millet is obtained from whole grain, best quality Organic Foxtail Millet. Organic Foxtail Millet Flour is 100% pure & contains all the natural benefits.
Praakritic - Organicorion

4. Praakritik Organic Foxtail Millets (Kangani)

“Introducing Foxtail Millet, a gluten-free ancient grain that’s been a staple in many cultures for centuries. As the second most commonly grown species of millet, Foxtail Millet has been a staple in many cultures around the world.

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