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ECOTYL Natural Beetroot Powder 100 gm

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Praakritik Organic Beet Root Powder 100 gm

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There are many vitamins, minerals and plant compounds in organic beetroot powder, which is low in calories.

  1. Eating beetroot daily can make disease free body.
  2. In addition to stay healthy, Organic Beetroot Powder has high amount of vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds.
  3. It can also give a deep red color in cooking food.
  4. It is made by dehydrating ripe and fully-mature beets to have maximum nutrients.
  5. It’s Sustainable, Versatile, and Convenient.
  6. It is good for Cardiovascular and Blood Health.
  7. It has Anti-Inflammatory properties.
  8. It is a Powerhouse of antioxidant.
  9. It is high in calcium, iron, potassium, folate, and manganese, and can also help you lose weight.