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Praakritik Organic Singhara Atta (Water Chestnut Flour) 500 gm

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Many such nutrients are found in water chestnut flour, which along with keeping the body healthy, has the ability to cure many diseases without medicine. It is a very good protein option for diet plan.

It contains nutrients such as riboflavin, amylose, phosphorylase, amylopectin, beta-amylase, protein, fat, manganese, thiamine, carbohydrates.

Some other benefits of its consumption are as follows:

  • Nimanic and lauric acids found in singhara atta protects hair.
  • Its regular consumption gives relief from breathing problems.
  • Take singhara atta for weakness of the uterus.
  • Minerals like iodine, manganese in water chestnut play an important role in the prevention of thyroid and goiter diseases.
  • The sedative property of pitta in water chestnut gives relief from jaundice.
  • The amount of fiber in it helps in reducing weight.
  • It helps in maintaining proper blood pressure.
  • By making it a regular diet, you can boost the immunity system.
  • You can consume this fiber-rich diet as a snack.