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Samisha Organic Coffee Body Scrub 100 gm

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Samisha Organic Rose Body Scrub 100 gm

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Natural Body Scrub Creams are mechanical exfoliants that physically remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin resulting in smoother and brighter skin. Its regular use does not allow acne to arise in the skin.

By removing its dead skin, the skin gets better moisture as well as it works to protect the skin from external infections.

Skin benefits with its regular use:
  • To make the face glow  is helpful in improving the skin.
  • It helps in balancing the ph level of the face.
  • Help to remove acne from face.
  • It helps to retain the moisture of the skin better.
  • It helps in improving the swelling in the face.
  • It helps in removing wrinkles.
  • Help fight harmful sunlight.
  • It helps in removing dark circles under the eyes.