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OrgaQ Val Desi ( Fava Beans ) 500 gm

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OrgaQ Val Ranguni ( Fava Beans ) 500 gm

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Fava bean is not only delicious to eat, but its regular consumption also keeps health better. You can also call this vegetable as Bakla Beans.

The rich amount of fiber, protein and vitamin C in this beans can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of many health problems.

Some of the health benefits of its consumption are as follows:

  • Parkinson’s is a disease related to the nervous system and its regular consumption helps to overcome this disease.
  • Val Desi helps prevent birth defects.
  • Fava Beans helps for diabetes.
  • it helps for cancer.
  • It helps to treat anemia.
  • It helps with blood pressure.
  • It helps for weight loss