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Gudmom Organic Proso Millet (Chena) 500 gm

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Induz Organic Porso Millet 500 gm

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Proso-Millet-Chena  is one of the oldest millet and it first originated in the Middle East and Gulf areas by the name white millet, common millet, or hog millet. This millet is rich in proteins. It can be used to make flour and flat breads. It is gluten-free and easily digestible. Calcium and Vitamin-B are also readily available

  • proso-millet-chena is good for nervous system as it contains high lecithin which supports the neural health system.
  • It helps in controlling cholesterol in the body.
  • This millet has anti-ageing properties.
  •  It provides shape to body as protein is the building blocks of bones, skin and muscles.
  • It can be used to make Upma, poha.