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Kharo Organics Organic Barley 200 gm

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Mittal Organics Barley Grain (Jau) 500 gm

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NUTTY YOGI Barley Whole 500 gm

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Jau (Barley) is considered as super healthy food . These days many people are becoming health and diet conscious. Barley millet is consumed for wellness and good health. It is good source of many necessary nutrients. That’s why not only in rural part but also people living in cities consume more super healthy food like Jau (Barley).

  • Jau benefits in controlling weight and blood sugar.
  • It is organic with no added pesticides or chemicals.
  • Organic cultivation makes it more healthy to consume.
  • Jau is rich in selenium which is very important part of diet.
  • All age group enjoys super food millet.
  • Many dishes can be prepared like breads, parathas, muffins, pancakes.