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Induz Organic Gulkand 250 gm

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Mittal Organics Fennel (Sauf) 100 gm

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Orga Life Gud Paan Natural Mouth Freshener (jar) Pack Of 2 X120 Gm

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Orga Life Gud Paan Natural Mouth Freshener Sachet pack Of 50 X 4 Gm

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Organic Diet Fennel 75 gm

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OrgaQ Fennel Bold (Saunf) 250 gm

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OrgaQ Fennel Lakhanavi (Saunf) 250 gm

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Praakritik Natural Pan Mukhwas (Digestive Aid) 100 gm

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Mouth Freshners which is usually done to change the taste of the mouth or to provide coolness in the mouth. It has been a good choice of Indian people, it feels the energy in the body. Its consumption makes digestion easier after meals.

Let us tell you some mouth fresheners and the benefits of their consumption.

  • Fennel (Saunf)can help reduce appetite and thus prevent you from binge eating.
  • Saunf is also rich in vitamin A, C and D along with antioxidants.
  • Anti-inflammatory elements in cardamom are effective in fighting oral cancer, skin cancer.
  • Natural Pan Mukhwas has a unique sweet aroma and a distinctly refreshing taste.
  • Pan Mukhwas is good for digestion and is a potent natural mouth freshener.