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ECOTYL Organic Triphala Powder 150 gm

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H & C Herbals Triphala Powder 100 gm

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Just Jaivik Organic Triphala Powder 100 gm

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NISARG NATURALS Triphala Powder 100 gm

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Nutriorg Triphla Powder 150 gm

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Triphla Powder gives the boon of health in its natural form along with its many health benefits. It detoxifies the body by removing fatty tissues. The natural laxative present in it thoroughly cleanses the body waste.

  • Triphla Powder improves eye-sight and prevents acne.
  • It is most effective in improving digestion and keeps the body systems functioning smoothly.
  • It makes hair stronger, promotes their growth and makes them lustrous.
  • Consuming daily with water, Juice and smoothie preferably morning and evening.
  • It can also be added into smoothies or shakes.
  • It helps in regulating Blood Pressure.
  • It is aid for Diabetes.
  • It stimulates hair growth.