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NUTTY YOGI Brown Basmati Rice 1 kg

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OrgaQ Brown Rice Regular 1 kg

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For those who are interested in a healthy diet and weight loss, consuming brown rice is a good option, in fact the amount of protein present in brown rice is higher than that of white rice, it helps in reducing the mineral fat present in it.

This natural rice gives you plenty of minerals, proteins and antioxidants, which gives you health benefits along with better taste.

Let’s know some other benefits of its regular consumption:

  • This Organic  rice contains no artificial additives and has the lowest starch content.
  • It is definitely a healthy addition to your meal.
  • Organic Ingredients’ organic  rice is a great source of protein, calcium and iron.
  • Apart from these, a bowl of organic brown rice contains dietary fiber, sodium and all the nutrients your body needs.
  • A 100 g serving of organic  rice contains 0 g trans fat and 0 mg cholesterol.
  • The calorie count per serving of organic brown rice is 375.21.