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Herbal Hills Keshohills Hair Wash ( Shampoo ) 200 ml

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Organix Mantra Tea Tree & Curry Leaves Premium Hair Growth Biotin, Keratin, Pea Protein, Ultra Mild Shampoo, No Sulphates, No Parabens, 300 ml

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Samisha Organic Red Onion Ultimate Hair Care Combo 400 ml

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Snanyatra Herbal Red Onion Hair Wash (Shampoo) With Conditioner

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The benefits of natural and organic Hair Wash (Shampoo) are that they are gentler and won’t strip your hair of essential oils. Over time, organic products will restore and sustain your hair. Organic shampoo deeply cleanses the hair without causing any damage. It balances the moisture content of hair.
  • It strengthens the hair.
  • It strengthens the roots.
  • It repairs follicles, removes excess oil and helps in hair growth.
  • It cures dryness , dullness and frizzy hair.
  • Organic shampoo provides better nourishment.
  • It fights dandruff.
  • Herbs present in it provides cooling effect.
  • It restores shine and smoothness.
  • Organic Hair Wash Shampoos are free of chemicals.
  • It won’t disturb the natural pH balance.