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OrgaQ Rasgulla 300 gm

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Rasgulla, also known as Rasgulla, Rasagola , White Rasgulla etc. is an Indian sweet dish. It is a natural sweet made by tearing fresh milk, in which no chemical has been used. The sugar present in it is also pure, which gives a natural taste to the  sweet.

This sweet is a syrupy dessert popular in the Indian subcontinent and South Asian diaspora and is well-liked in India like Bengal as it is the main sweet of Bengali cuisine.

This juicy sweet is very sweet, so we do not recommend it to diabetics, heart patients to eat it. Also, its continuous consumption can increase your body weight.

Some Of The features Are :

  • This is completely natural sweet dish.
  • It is a chemical free organic sweet.
  • This Natural Rasgulla is a best quality of sweet.