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1organic Kolam Rice


Praakritik Organic Kolam Rice 500 gm

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Natural Kolam Rice is a medium sized rice that people usually consume as daily rice. It is milder in taste than Basmati rice. Its grains are small, spongy and easily edible, imparting a mild aroma when cooked.

Many types of this rice are available in Gujarat, such as Surti Kolam, Thavala Kannan, Tulaipanji, Wada Kolam, etc. Sweet pongal, fried rice, and biryani are examples of dishes made from this rice.

Health benefits of regular consumption of this rice:

  • It is a medium-size rice grain range that is used as daily rice.
  • It has a milder flavor and smell than traditional basmati rice.
  • Kolam rice grains are tiny, spongy and effortlessly eatable and also imports a similar floral fragrance when cooked.
  • Kolam Rice offers a rich aroma and pleasant taste.
  • It provides iron and protein to the body.
  • It helps Keeps you young
  • It Helps Keeps Heart Healthy
  • It helps keeps blood sugar under control
  • It Helps Maintains proper digestion
  • It Helps Keeps the Nervous System Healthy
  • It helps in better sources of energy