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ECOTYL Organic Mix Dal 500 gm

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Induz Organic Mix Dal


Kharo Organics Organic Mix Dal 500 gm

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Organic Diet Mix Dal 500 gm

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Organic Tattva Organic Mix Dal 500 gm

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ORGANIC WELLNESS Pancharatna Dal 450 gm

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OrgaQ Mix Dal 500 gm

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Truefarm Organics Super mix Dal 500 gm

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Mix dal is a mixture of many natural pulses, in which you can find a mixture of urad, masoor, gram, tur pulses.

By being together, the amount of protein in these pulses becomes very high and their taste also becomes better. In Indian culture, you make better dishes like khichdi with this mix dal.

Some of the benefits of consuming it are as follows:

  • This natural Mix dal enhances the taste of food.
  • It helps in easing the digestion process.
  • It helps in strengthening the antioxidant capacity.
  • It helps in controlling blood pressure.
  • It helps in improving heart health.
  • It helps in reducing inflammation of the body.
  • It helps in reducing the risk of cancer
  • It increases the absorption of nutrients.
  • It helps fight oral bacteria.