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Bhatnagar’s Organic Black Chana 500 gm

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Gudmom Organic Brown Chana (Kala Chana) 500 gm

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Induz Organic Horse Gram – 500 gm

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Kharo Organics Organic Brown Channa, 500 gm

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Mittal Organics Chana Sabut ( Kala Chana ) 500 gm

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Organic Diet Kala Chana 500 gm

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ORGANIC WELLNESS Kala Chana 450 gm

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OrganicKrate Chana Whole – 1 kg

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Kala chana, which is called a diet of nutritious substances, is consumed in the form of many dishes in India, but if eaten mainly soaked in this water, then it has amazing health benefits.

When eaten soaked, this gram provides you with energy throughout the day, as well as increases the strength of the body. If you take this light breakfast in the morning and evening, then it also helps in keeping you away from many diseases.

Some health benefits of natural Kala chana:

  • It helps to strengthen the body.
  • Its consumption maintains the energy level.
  • Its regular consumption helps in reducing skin diseases.
  • Its consumption is very beneficial for the strength of the lungs.
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol.
  • It helps in gaining weight.